Sweden votes: Tories win, Persson concedes

Although not all the votes have quite been counted, and it remains a close election, the right is set for a small majority, and Goran Persson has now conceded on behalf of the Social Democrats.  He told supporters in Stockholm, “We have lost the election, but we are not a beaten party. We will fight back”.  Right-wing leader Fredrik Reinfeldt told supporters at his campaign headquarters, “We have won as the New Moderates”.  Sources in Stockholm could not confirm if he then went on to say “A new dawn has broken has it not”.

Persson has already announced that he will resign at the next party congress, due to take place in March next year.  He is already being blamed by many in the party for the loss.  A lack of a long term vision, and clinging to a defence of the status quo through the short campaign is cited by The Daily’s sources in the Social Democrat campaign as the root cause of the defeat.  However, it should be remembered that the Social Democrats were well over 10% behind this time last year, and a solid swing to the left during the early part of 2006 allowed the Social Democrats to claw their way back into contention.

The Daily now endorses Norway as the holiday destination of choice for the left.

Update: The reference to Blair’s 1997 election victory speech was a joke based on a part translation of the Moderate Party leader’s speech tonight.  The BBC has Reinfeldt’s full comment: “We ran in the election as the New Moderates, we have won the election as the New Moderates and we will also together with our Alliance friends govern Sweden as the New Moderates”.  The mind boggles.

Further update: Full results here.


9 Responses to Sweden votes: Tories win, Persson concedes

  1. Al says:

    Roughly how big will the Right’s majority be?
    Good point about quite how dire the Social Democrats position was not so very long ago.

    In other news today, the Red-Red coalition in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania has been re-elected with a majority of 1… which must count as a blow for Merkel (who’s constituency is in that state). The Npd got in after all; 7% is worryingly high but actually less than the double figures most were increasingly thinking likely.

    And Klaus Wowereit has been re-elected in Berlin.

  2. Andrea says:

    The seats split should be something like 178 vs 171

  3. Final results (except for one kommunne) are here:


    It is in Swedish but it’s not hard to work out. Looks like a bigger win for the right than we had hoped for earlier in the evening.

  4. Nick says:

    Looks like 178 to 171 to me, with one district still to declare. I can’t read Swedish though so I can’t swear to it!

  5. fredrik says:

    The barbarians broke through the gates. The resistance has started!

  6. Benjamin says:

    All I can say is damn! And damn it again.

  7. The comment from Mr Reinfeldt is deeply worrying.

    Would it be possible for Swedish contacts to check his head to see if there are strings attached and, if so, whether those strings to somewhere in or around the Trade commission in Brussels.

  8. Surely since Prodi got back in Italy should be the holiday destination of choice for the left?

  9. Come off it Luke – the Norwegian government is much more progressive than Prodi’s and skiing is better than lying on a beach…

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