Sweden votes: the counting starts

Counting is fully under way in Sweden, with the exit polls we reported on earlier looking like they have over-estimated the right-wing’s numbers.  With 80% of the votes counted the left is on 47% and the right-wing is also on 47%.  However, the 20% of votes still to be counted are mainly from suburban areas – meaning there is very little chance of a social democratic surge.  Current estimates give the Alliance a final victory of 0.8%, which would likely give them a majority of three in the Riksdag.

Update: a good Green result in one county has given the left bloc a lead of 0.1% overall, but with most results set to come from wealthier areas, its still not looking good…


2 Responses to Sweden votes: the counting starts

  1. Cassilis says:

    If the Socail Democrats do lose power it will be really interesting to see how the results are interpreted in the UK media. There are some (Polly Toynbee) who have almost fetished the Swedish left so if their own electorate are beginning to have doubts that present a challenge to those who are urging New Labour to follow their lead.

  2. Benjamin says:

    As far as I can tell the right got in by promising not to threaten Sweden’s social democracy. Some trimming and alterations but the Alliance threw out more radical rightist proposals and kept their manifesto cautious. For example, a proposal to make it easier to sack young workers did not make the Alliance manifesto. The tax cuts proposed were much more catious and targetted than what the Moderates proposed earlier.

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