Return of the Sunday papers review

After a short break investigating paramilitaries in Colombia, dodgy brandy in Catalonia and beer and sandwiches at the TUC Congress, The Daily is delighted to announce the return of the Sunday papers review. 

First up is the Swedish election, which has come at a good time for those journalists keen to see the land of Abba and socialism.  The Telegraph, Sunday Times and others cover the election, on the whole with puff pieces – the Telegraph is predictably silly in its comments about tax.

There is great news for anyone out there supporting Gordon Brown’s campaign.  The Telegraph reports, presumably managing to keep a straight face, that Blairites are lining up John Hutton to challenge for the leadership.  One source tells the paper that Alan Johnson is “not really” sufficiently Blairite to be backed.  In this humble writer’s opinion, if the Blairites have only got John Hutton to run, the Brownites may as well pop off on holiday for a bit.

I promise we are not making this one up, but BAE systems – makers of guns and bombs – are set to change their stock to ensure that it is environmentally friendly.  Check the Sunday Times if you don’t believe today is the day irony died.

I am not an expert on tax or the UK constitution, but I don’t understand why we let the Channel Islands get away with sucking money out of our public services by actively promoting schemes where the rich get to avoid contributing their fair share.  A more balanced report from the The Observer is here.

I suppose we’d better mention this week’s Lib Dem conference: the Sunday Times has an interview with Nick Clegg (worth reading simply to be reminded he’s a public school boy).  While we’re on the topic, the Sunday Times also has an amazing article on the rebranding of Ming Campbell.

Still, painfully, on the subject of the Libs, the Sunday Mirror has reports that the yellow ones are considering an alliance with those Tories.

There is nothing worth reading in the Independent on Sunday.

We’ll have a look at the deluge of leadership and deputy leadership candidate’s forays into the press later on today. 


One Response to Return of the Sunday papers review

  1. Benjamin says:

    That one on the rebranding of Ming is quite amusing. Get rid of the glasses, stick him in a tan suit, without a tie. That sort of thing. Not sure it will work.

    I did notice he was wearing a rather casual affair at a photo op at the start of the conference: was in a casual shirt and no tie. However it looked like he was trying too hard to look casual and relaxed: the shirt was horrendous.

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