Betting slips at the ready

The Daily will always rely on for information on actual tips, we’re only good at the football and tennis sort of gambling.  However, news reaches us from our Northern Correspondent that he has spent the last week investing his ISA on Jon Cruddas being the next deputy leader of the Labour Party.

When he first contacted the bookmaker in question, he was left on hold for over 5 minutes before a quizical sounding young man came back on the line to offer him odds of 100/1.  He phoned back yesterday evening to stick some more on after seeing more and more coverage of a possible Cruddas bid.  When this correspondent called William Hill this morning to stick The Daily’s weekly beer kitty on the Dagenham MP, the odds were down to 50/1.  They have now put the odds online – the first to do so from what we can see.

The Daily doesn’t do political betting tips but if it did, it would look a lot like 50/1 on Jon Cruddas.


3 Responses to Betting slips at the ready

  1. Ian G says:

    I usally keep an eye on as well, but as it’s dominated by Tories and Lib Dems they might not have enough understanding of the workings of the Labour Party.

    Tried to put some money on through William Hill (even openned an on-line account specially) but they weren’t taking it. Too late…

  2. Thomas says:

    Get stuck into Hills – they take the bet if you call them direct, you can use your internet account number on the phone line too. With (what they would see as) novelty bets, they often won’t take bets over the net. I tried online but they wouldn’t take it but after some umming and arring on the phone I got on okay. It won’t stay 50/1 for long…

  3. Henry G says:

    I think Hills have got a few of these prices (and spelling of names) wrong (particularly the Cruddas price). You can clearly scrub out a few:

    David Miliband 11/1 – has wisely refused to stand for either leader or deputy

    Jack Straw 16/1 – hardly a breath of fresh air, reasonably respected, but still looks like the Demon Headmaster, even without glasses.

    Alan Milburn 20/1 – no base in the party and particularly union movment

    Patricia Hewitt 33/1 – are you aving a laff

    Beckett – why would she risk her political capital from Foreign Sec for Deputy Leader. Someone who served in the Callaghan Govt is perhaps not the fresh face we need.

    Brown 33/1 – hardly

    Balls 33/1 – too close to Brown.

    Blunkett 33/1 – laughing stock – hardly the man to replace Prescott

    Darling 33/1 – see Balls. Next Chancellor.

    Clarke 50/1 – the most hated person in the labour party

    So we are left with 5:

    Blears 50/1 – insanely cheerful, odds about right

    Johnson 3/1 – about right, could be a real contender, but could just as easily go for the leadership, not trusted by the big unions because of his support for PR

    Hain 2/1 – lost credibility with his natural liberal/left base for not resigning over Iraq. Has flip-flopped over Europe in dramatic fashion. Been a good Northern Ireland Secretary. Could pick up some support, but can’t help coming across as a little vain and smarmy.

    Harman 7/1 – people haven’t forgotten where she sent her children to school. Too posh, but has made a good case for a female deputy. Would only be a real contender if Brown publicly backed her, but that’s unlikely.

    Cruddas 50/1 – his main advantages are that he’s not associated with past Govt failures, would be seen as fresh, excellent trade union links and would have support for his respected work against the BNP. Since we know we’re in a drawn out leadership (and deputy leadership) campaign, he has 4-6 months to set out his stall and meet a lot of members. I’d put his ‘true’ odds at 6/1 and with some good exposure he could gain real momentum.

    I think it’s between Johnson, Hain, Cruddas and Harman and of those Cruddas represents enormous value at 50/1.

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