Top of the blogs

Godfather of Tory blogging Iain Dale has today published his top hundred Labour and left blogs. The Daily made the top twenty, which can’t be bad for a relatively new entrant.

BBC Online report on how the various parties are dealing with bloggers in the conference season, which kicks off the Lib Dem conference this weekend.

Apparently ConservativeHome will be reporting on Tory conference through a team of thirty correspondents. The Daily has yet to chain quite that many chimps to that many typewriters, but our intrepid news team will be on the spot in Manchester with our usual mix of independent news, gossip, analysis and comment.

Now, does anyone know if the GMEX has wi-fi…?

UPDATE: Antonia Bance has produced a useful version of the top 100 with links. We have also made it in to Iain Dale’s top hundred UK political blogs.


5 Responses to Top of the blogs

  1. Kerron says:

    Yes, what a great poll that was. Can’t argue with it’s findings! 😉

    Does anyone know if there are going to be blogging facilities in or around the Conference centre? Otherwise I’ll be hunting round for a laptop – and wi fi. 🙂

  2. Yep – as you know, polling is one of our special subjects over here at The Daily, and we can thoroughly endorse this one! 🙂

    We’ve been trying to find out this but to no avail – the only firm information I can offer is the technical queries line at the GMEX clearly go home at 5pm on the dot, and may well leave their phone off the hook for at least half an hour before that…

    If you find anything out let us know – we may also end up in a desperate hunt for a laptop and a wi-fi hotspot at this rate. There is usually an internet cafe in the exhibition, of course, but the queues are often pretty long.

  3. D’oh! Just noticed that Fair Deal Phil beat me to that headline.

    Sorry Phil!

  4. fairdealphil says:

    number 18: no probs. thanks for the hat-tip.
    best regards
    number 73.

  5. […] Yes, yes, I know everyone else blogged this so long ago that it’s old news by now (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here for starters), but I’ve been at work. […]

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