Latest YouGov polls

Two new releases from YouGov over the last 24 hours. Today they unveil (via YouGov pollster Anthony Wells) a tracker of BrandIndex ratings for Labour politicians over the last few months:


Take a look and draw your own conclusions, but a word of warning – Wells doesn’t flag this up on his blog, but because BrandIndex is basically a commercial service aimed at the business sector, they weight their poll towards certain demographics (mainly young and higher-income groups) so while the trends should be fairly accurate, the actual ratings are not based on a representative sample.

Also out now are the details of yesterday’s YouGov poll for the Sun. As Wells also notes, the Sun heavily spun this one, which is why it’s always worth taking a proper look at polls. The topline figures are uninteresting (Con 38 Lab 31 LD 18 Oth 14 – trends LDs and others up, Lab and Con down) but there are some interesting details in there.

Brown’s ratings have taken a hit in both these polls (the public, unlike Labour Party members and supporters, blamed him for the “plotting” – the Blairites seem to have won the war of spin there) but the meat is in what people want him to do next.

There are big leads demanding Brown backs Blair’s leadership (people still want Blair to leave soon – but of his own accord) and instructing others to do the same. There is majority support for Brown continuing Blair’s public service “reforms” – but this is a biased question, as people tend to agree with unspecified “reforms”.

But perhaps the most intriguing result was majority support (and a 28-point lead) for Brown not “continuing Mr Blair’s policies towards Iraq and Afghanistan”.

So though the public find plotting for the crown unedifying, they certainly don’t want to see more of the same Blairite policies once he takes over and particularly not on foreign policy – a finding that the Sun strangely neglected to report.


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