Clarke’s new job

It was reported earlier in the week that Charles Clarke has got himself a new job at corporate law firm Beachcroft LLP. Commentators have suggested that he may be diversifying his career away from frontline politics following his claret-fuelled political suicide attack on Brown. Others suspect he may just bide his time.

But if he is still thinking of a comeback then his new employer will prove controversial in some quarters of the labour movement. Beachcroft specialises in advising private sector companies how to make the most out of PFI deals. Indeed, their projects won three awards at the Public-Private Finance Awards. The Daily struggled to believe this occasion exists, but we are informed that it is a night at the trough for smug fat cats and their pin-striped corporate lawyers.

Even more surprising was the explanation given by “friends” of Charles Clarke that he was seeking work because he was bored and wanted to fill his time. This correspondent has worked for an MP and does not believe it is possible to have spare time, let alone get bored, while doing that job well.

If we were activists in Norwich South CLP we might not be all that pleased to find out that while we were out campaigning to save his seat from the Lib Dems, our MP was schmoozing suits somewhere in the Square Mile of Greed. Let’s hope he’s making a hefty donation to the campaign fund.


2 Responses to Clarke’s new job

  1. Andrea says:

    Knowing the LDs, I suspect that if he stands again next time, we’ll see many “Part-time MP Clarke,..” and so on stuffs.
    But you can’t even being outraged by them, because all parties would do it.

  2. Nick says:

    You’ve got to hope he gives up the extra job(s) before the next election…

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