Even The Kids hate Blair now

You know you have broken thorugh into infamy when an opinion poll of 8 year olds comes out badly for you – but Tony Blair has finally achieved that.  In a poll for the First News – a newspaper for The Kids – a whopping 80% of yoof think that Blair was wrong to invade Iraq.  Sixty percent said they thought he was doing a poor job of running the country.

More than half of The Kids don’t know what the Royal Family get up to, but that’s probably because most news about that bunch of spongers can’t be reported before the watershed…


3 Responses to Even The Kids hate Blair now

  1. Yes, although maybe it’s not an especially shocking result if you consider that the newspaper in question is edited by Piers Morgan (remember him?).

    And kids are notoriously ungrateful – by the time you’ve worked enough overtime to buy them a bike, they want a Playstation (whatever that is).

  2. Shelley says:

    I have an 8 year old – what do we think Blair would have to do to get in their good books? Mine would expect Fridays off at the very least

  3. The Daily’s experience with 8 year-olds is distinctly limited – perhaps you better tell us!

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