Short circuit

Clare Short has today confirmed what we reported here on Monday – she is standing down from Parliament and intending to campaign for a hung Parliament and PR. She hopes for a Parliament that is a third Labour, a third Tory and a third “Greens and others”.

She has written an article in today’s Independent and spoken to this morning’s Today programme.

Other reports in The Guardian, BBC Online, Times and Telegraph.

The Birmingham Post reports speculation that she might defect to the Lib Dems, though this story was probably written before her announcement today.

You heard it here first…


5 Responses to Short circuit

  1. Andrea says:

    more than “hope” that Lab would have 1/3, the tories 1/3 and Greens and others 1/3, I think it’s what she thinks would happen if PR will be introduced.

    Not sure how she can campaign for a hung parliament. Voters can’t write hung parliament on their ballot papers. Should I expect her on TV the day before the election saying: “people living in constituency X should vote Lab, people in constituency Y the tories and people in consituency Z the LDs,…so you’ll end up with a hung parliament”?!

    Not sure about defecting to LDs…she find time to mention the Greens, but she forgot the LDs in her future Parliament.

  2. I think the Birmingham Post story was written before today’s announcement, so I assume that it has now been superceded by events.

    As to how you can campaign for a hung parliament, we have been wondering that ourselves!

  3. Max says:

    If the Party’s figures continue to go downhill, by the next election she might ironically be campaigning for people to vote Labour in order to ensure a hung parliament rather than a Tory win! I bet that would really annoy her too…!

  4. Andrea says:

    I wonder if Mme Dominatrix will try to take actions against her. One problem to take actions is that they would give her and her stences more attention.

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