Polls show Swedish election too close to call

Three opinion polls show the Swedish too close to call, although two of the three show a narrow lead for the right-wing coalition.

The Demoskop poll published in Expressen, shows gives the right a decisive lead with the Social Democrats and allies on 44.8 percent compared to 50.2 percent for the right. However, the Sifo poll puts the Left on 48.7 percent compared to 47.2 for the right. A third Temo poll puts the right on 49.2 percent with the left on 46.9 percent.

The polls also disagreed on the trend of voting intentions, with Sifo showing the left vote up, but the other two showing it downward.

This does, however, show the right’s vote fairly stable following the computer hacking and spying scandal that engulfed the Liberal Party just over a week ago.

Peter Gustavsson also writes in his blog that a UK-based Christian sect, the Plymouth Brethren, have been pumping huge amounts of money into the right-wing alliance’s election campaign. The reasons for the puritan sect’s interest in Scandinavian politics are unclear at this stage.


5 Responses to Polls show Swedish election too close to call

  1. It’s not that unclear anymore, they want to start own schools and get the right to marry people.


  2. Thanks for that Peter – scary indeed. I’m not sure that this kind of funding would be legal in the UK, but don’t know what the rules on foreign donations are in Sweden.

    Minor error in that link – this one seems to work:


  3. Al says:

    Aren’t SIFO usually the best polling firm in Sweden?

  4. I’m afraid that though I’m fairly well versed in UK polling, no one in the The Daily’s newsroom will confess to a detailed knowledge of Swedish pollsters!

    You can try asking Peter, or Eric Sundstrom. Links in the side bar.

  5. Johan says:

    Well, now it´s over – the right-wing coalition won with a very narrow margin. A very close election indeed.

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