UNISON Blair protestors take an early bath

Word reaches us that two members of UNISON’s TUC delegation were sent home from TUC Congress following a walkout from Blair’s speech.

RMT was the only union to agree a walk out, which has drawn, to be fair, mixed reviews in the press, but some individual members of other delegations appear to have followed them.


4 Responses to UNISON Blair protestors take an early bath

  1. fairdealphil says:

    Media are reporting that FBU delegation were also marched out.

    What they don’t report is that neither RMT or FBU members have a say in who is the next leader of the Labour Party.

    Am i right in thinking that neither unions are affiliated?

  2. That’s entirely correct, yes. They were both affiliated until a few years ago. The RMT allowed affiliation by branches to the SSP in Scotland, which led to them being declared in breach of party rules by the NEC, whereas the FBU voted to disaffiliate following the fire service industrial dispute.

    The sixteen affiliated trade unions are: Amicus, ASLEF, BECTU, BFAWU, Community, CWU, GMB, Musicians’ Union, NACODS, NUM, TGWU, TSSA, UCATT, UNISON, Unity and USDAW.

  3. Al says:

    The RMT allowed affliation by branches to the SSP

    Bearing in mind the state of the SSP, methinks that may have turned out to be a mistake 😉

    When’s the next RMT leadership election?

  4. Yes, ironically perhaps they now have no party to affiliate to! Though Crow has previously supported the CPGB, CPB and finally the SLP before quitting all parties, though he backed one Communisty Party candidate, Robert Griffiths in Pontypridd, in the 2005 election. Griffiths got 233 votes. So who knows what he’ll do next.

    He was first elected in Feb 2002 and IIRC the 1989 Employment Act requires union General Secretaries to be elected every five years, so presumably he’s up for re-election early next year.

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