Unison stick to the script

As Blair prepares to address the TUC this afternoon, The Daily has seen a briefing issued to all Unison delegates for use if they are asked by journalists about the party leadership:

Tony Blair made a fatal mistake in announcing before the last election his intention to retire. He set the hare running himself – no one in the Labour Party asked him to do it. Since then, this issue has dominated domestic politics. We want to concentrate this week on our NHS and our public services, pensions and education – issues of crucial importance to the country. But as long as this speculation and uncertainty continues, as long as the leadership of the Labour Party is the domestic issue, the real issues will be ignored. We to move forward on all those important issues of real concern to the people.


When we know who the candidates will be, our union will make a democratic decision about who they will support based on their record and their policies.

Is this a sign of paranoia kicking in?


2 Responses to Unison stick to the script

  1. Kerron says:

    the leadership o fhte Labour Party

    It is clearly not the spellcheck kicking in. :-/

  2. Hmm, to be fair that was probably an error in our reporting from the field, so I’ve duly corrected it!

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