Political ad of the day

Westminster hacks who have been around long enough to remember one time Conservative Future leadership contender Annesley Abercorn will be delighted to see that his unintentionally hilarious campaign video has resurfaced on what we speculate is a spoof blog.

The video became such a laughing stock that Abercorn eventually pulled it from his site, but it seems that a cached version has been found on someone’s files. Anyone who is considering voting Conservative should be made to watch it as an education.

Particularly good is Abercorn’s boast about organising the most successful CF event ever – this was a trip to strip club Stringfellow’s, where Peter Stringfellow led the young Tories in a chant of “Die Blair, Die!” from the stage. This was when Blair was in hospital with a heart problem. All in day’s work for Dave Cameron’s new look Tories.


5 Responses to Political ad of the day

  1. Hmm, I think we may have both been emailed by the same people at the same time! I’m guessing this means that the spoof Abercorn blog is emailing round lots of other blogs as we type.

    Rest assured, we are not in favour of plagiarism, though if we were then we wouldn’t pick a story about your Dad playing the ukulele as the story to steal…

  2. Hey we are a serious political site! This is not a spoof! We genuinely believe that only Annesley can save CF!

  3. Kerron says:

    Hey mate, if you want to pretend to be a genuine site then I suggest not registering the spoof e-mail in your own name!!! 🙂

    Anyway, for the record, I play the ukulele (not my dad) and it’s the dad of Kris Brown who plays the ukulele (whilst his son plagiarises my work! 😉

    Just so we are all straight on the facts!

  4. You play the ukulele? I do hope we’ll see a performance one day!

    Looks like you beat us to that story by seven minutes. And to think that you should be busy running the country. 😉

    The organiser of that Abercorn site clearly has some learning to do on the setting up fake websites front – perhaps he can go for a drink with David Taylor of Keeping the Faith some time! However, anyone who rescues that video from a cobwebbed shelf somewhere has done a service to our nation.

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