Murdoch sponsors Labour Party conference

This correspondent has just received his pack for Labour Party Conference and was a little surprised to find that the conference passes and lanyards are sponsored by Sky News, Rupert Murdoch-owned sister station to the rabidly right-wing Fox News.

It seems likely that a large proportion of Labour delegates will object to being turned into walking adverts for MurdochVision for a week. Though Murdoch’s politics are hard to pin down, his voice on earth, Irwin Stelzer, can be easily traced through a quick Google search. His views are unlikely to meet widespread approval in Labour circles.

Many will also point to the fact that all 175 Murdoch-owned newspapers worldwide editorialised in favour of the Iraq war to suggest a distinct lack of editorial independence.

The Daily suggests to any enterprising campaigns that there might be a good market in alternative lanyards and badge-sized stickers to obscure the offending reverse side of delegates’ conference passes.


4 Responses to Murdoch sponsors Labour Party conference

  1. Ian G says:

    This is especially galling given your previous story about union cash being refused over a controversial ad campaign!

    Another rather unfortunate choice of funding might be from CSM, who have a fringe meeting sponsored by Nestlé…

  2. Quite – union money isn’t good enough, but Rupert Murdoch is ok!

    Extraordinary decision by CSM, especially given the connections between many churches the fair trade movement.

    We may have to run a full expose of corporate sponsorship at conference…

  3. Benjamin says:

    I few years ago I might have been shocked. I remember I was perturbed when they were sponsored by Somerfield one year. But now, little surprises me about Blair’s Labour party now. Its a hollowed out carcuss of a party, full of spivs anf airheads, prostituting itself to the highest bidder.

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