Maintaining unity

“…in order to seek office for the long term, problems have to honestly acknowledged, achievements celebrated, divisions overcome, alliances constructed, difficult policy problems sorted out, and all in a way that maintains unity.”

Charles Clarke, New Statesman, 4 September 2006

“As well as raising serious questions about the Chancellor’s political judgement, [Clarke] claims there are profound “psychological” issues that Mr Brown will have to address if he wants to inherit the party crown. He accuses him of lacking courage and vision, of being a control freak, uncollegiate and delusional.”

Daily Telegraph interview with Charles Clarke, 9 September 2006


2 Responses to Maintaining unity

  1. Matthew says:

    I very much enjoyed Dave Prentis’ comment today when he said people were “letting the claret do the talking”. Harsh but actually pretty fair.

  2. The Torygraph did make a point of mentioning how Clarke conducted the interview over a bottle of red…

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