The Register has now weighed in with an article on Keeping The Faith, including a link to a copy of the vandalised petition, which should serve as a salutory lesson to others.

It has emerged that the mysterious figure behind the site, ironically once described to this correspondent as “so hard right he’s like a mini Tom Watson”, was previously behind a similar online effort demanding that Clare Short be deselected, expelled from the Privy Council and charged with treason.

The Daily also can’t help but wonder whether he may face accusations of plagiarism, having apparently stolen the site’s name not only from film and song, but also from this group of fellow Blairites who seem to have got there a couple of years before him.  


4 Responses to FaithWatch

  1. I’m a bit worried about the guy behind this.

    He seems to be a victim of New Labour’s failure to provide sufficient positive activities for young people in the local community.

    Is there someone who lives locally who could take him bowling or something?

  2. I believe that at 18 he was (and possibly still is) the youngest Secretary of a CLP in the country, which no doubt has earned him the respect and admiration of his peers. Don’t tell me that you weren’t taking the minutes of your GC at that age?

  3. Sadly not. If only I’d known about GCs at that age. I’m just jealous, really.

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