Milburn stokes the fire

Press and blog attention this morning will focus on Charles Clarke’s extraordinary interview in today’s Torygraph, but The Daily’s eye has also been caught by Alan Milburn’s piece on The Progressive, a new blog launched by Blairite magazine and Labour Party ginger group Progress, to coincide with today’s conference.

As you’d expect from a bunch of big business funded, right-wing, anti-union clowns, the new site is dripping with nonsense.  for example, the complete lack of irony (I think) in saying that “This is the first ever blog for the progressive community in Britain.”  I think that’s news to Bloggers for Labour, Paul Linford, LabourHome, Recess Monkey and a whole host of others, but you shouldn’t let that stop from trudging through the rest of the site.

Labour Party activists may be surprised to read that, according to Milburn, they are members of a “centrist party” that stands for “liberal economic and social policy”. Perhaps he got in a muddle and sent them his chapter for the next Orange Book by mistake.

We have a bit more sympathy with his call for an end to “strong-arm, boss-style, plot-filled politics” but where was Milburn when Blair was busy stitching up Rhodri Morgan and Ken Livingstone through, erm, strong-arm, boss-style, plot-filled politics?

Of course, the website launch is timed to coincide with Blair’s speech at the Progress conference this morning.  He said that party infighting was “old fashioned”. 

Meanwhile, Milburn’s piece calls for an end to “central control” and “a less tribal, more relaxed and open culture”. Whoever could he have in mind? 

Words, in my still post-Friday night near-drunk stupor, utterly fail me.


3 Responses to Milburn stokes the fire

  1. a says:

    Paul Linford? Progressive?

  2. There may be differing views in The Daily’s newsroom as to how progressive Paul Linford is, but I think it’s fair to say that there are plenty of progressive blogs out there, pretty much however you define progressive…

  3. I might also add that The Progressive has a links section for “Bloggers on the left” which includes Philippe Legrain – a category error somewhat more clear cut than ours, I would suggest…

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