Tribune: Anti-EU Tories defend their BNP member

Article from today’s Tribune:

Anti-EU Tories defend their BNP member
Nick West

Tory councillors who are members of an anti-European Union campaign called “Better Off Out”, whose patron is the former Speaker of the House of Commons, Lord Bernard Weatherill, have defended the involvement of a member of the fascist British National Party.

The campaign, which is virulently anti-EU and whose other patron is the author Frederick Forsyth, lists on its website Guiseppe De Santis, a BNP member, as one of its supporters.

Tory councillors John Hudson of Blaby District Council and Keith Standring of Rother District Council both defended the BNP and the BNP member who is one of their co-campaigners.

Mr Hudson said, “Are they [the BNP] any more abhorrent than the ultra-Left wing communists? I think not. The BNP just need leaving alone. The BNP are much less dangerous than the EU. Better Off Out is an organisation which seeks to rid us of the undemocratic tyranny of the EU.”

Mr Standring was equally defiant. “I have a lifetime’s professional experience fighting totalitarianism of the Left and Right. I don’t need lectures about what I should do about political extremism, nor do I need to prove my credentials to you or anyone else. Self-appointed thought police like you are frankly a minor pain in the arse.”

He added: “Your Stalinist ‘guilt by association’ tactic won’t work. The fact that people are on our supporters list together demonstrates simply that they each independently hold the view that the UK would be better off out of the EU, not that they have common cause in any other area of politics.”

You read it here first.


One Response to Tribune: Anti-EU Tories defend their BNP member

  1. Cllr. John Hudson says:

    Would you please give me details of the supposed quotation from me in this article.
    I do indeed suport the “better off out” campaingn but I do not remember ever having defended the BNP. Nor do I remember making the statement which was quoted in your article.

    I find the BNP a totally vile organisation and I do not wish to be associated with them in any way. I cannot imagine any situation where I could have ever defended the BNP.

    Please let me know when and where you aquired the information as to my supposed quotation. What was the occasion and/or forum.

    If you cannot back up your accusation with verifiable proof then I demand a retraction and an apopogy. I do not rule out litigation against your organisation.

    Cllr John Hudson

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