Sweden: a warning

Swedish social democrat blogger Peter Gustavsson (who should write in English more!) has warned that the Social Democrats are staring into the abyss with just two weeks left in the election campaign.

A new Ruab poll has shown the SDs down to 35%.  The poll – more details of it here – puts the right-wing bloc’s lead over the left at almost 3%.  In the poll by this company last week, the left had a small lead.  However, the number of undecided voters remains big, with 29% saying they are yet to make their minds up.  The SDs GOTV machine should hoover up a good proportion of them, but it is still not looking good.

Peter’s view is that the Social Democrats are pushing “lot done” message too much, to the extent that they are neglecting “a lot still to do” line.  He is usually right in his analysis, so there’s no reason to doubt him this time.  Voters always bank what they have and look for more – the left must always be ambitious for change.

Fingers crossed the Social Democrats can turn it around – the policies of the Swedish right may not seem especially frightening to the British left, but they would cause massive damage to Sweden.


3 Responses to Sweden: a warning

  1. Andrea says:

    Are there any new polls out?

  2. Erm, yes – the one linked to above

  3. Andrea says:

    Oh Dear, I need more sleep! I thought to have posted in the other Swedish thread (about the Moderate Party candidate wanting “true Swedish kids” in the photo).
    Sorry again! 😦

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