The Fox effect in decline

The way in which the right in the USA have managed to hook the support of working class voters has been impressive. Rather than focusing on winning battles over issues, they have promoted their values, trying to make Americans think about the issues in their way. Fox news has been very important in that ideological battle, but as the right start to look vulnerable in the States, so Fox News has started to slide.

KingOneEye over on Kos, has the latest viewing figures. They show a huge percentage decline for Fox, while the other two major networks are growing:

Primetime – Persons 2+:

August ’06: 902 1511 371
August ’05: 748 2093 349
% change: +21% -28% +6%

Primetime – 25-54:

August ’06: 294 432 157
August ’05: 236 541 145
% change: +25% -20% +8%

The decline is part of a month-on-month slide that has lasted 8 months. Bill O’Reilly, has seen a 15% decline.

This isn’t just the fortunes of some TV station on the other side of the world. Fox is a part of the coalition of ideas that makes Rove’s election winning machine possible, and its decline is, perhaps, a part of the decline of that whole coalition. This may be too early to say, but if the ideological cement that ties together disparate strands of white working class social conservatives, corporate freemarketeers, neo-cons and the rest of them, it would be better for politics around the whole world.


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