Swedish Tories struggling to be cuddly

An interesting Swedish election story via Eric Sundstrom (third story down) reaches the newsroom.  A candidate for the Moderate Party (the Swedish version of those Tories) has been caught out in a news management incident – a little like the one we had here last year, when a Tory in Dorset changed a slogan from a cuddly pro-immigrant one, to a nasty dog whistle, kick them out message. 

It was not so much tampering with a photo in Sweden. The candidate in question, Agneta Östman-Wenger, fired off a stroppy email to her local paper to complain that the photo they had printed showed her surrounded by kids with dark hair.  She demanded that in future they show her surrounded by blonde, “true Swedish” kids.

Are UK Tories thinking what their Swedish friend was thinking?


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