Venezuelan big business forced out of the bunker

It is probably fair to say that there is a consensus in favour of acts of left-wing populism within the Daily office.

In that spirit, we’re all in favour of Caracas Mayor, Juan Barreto’s decision to remove the city’s golf courses from the Venezuelan elite and hand them over for social housing for the millions of people living in shanty towns in and around the capital. Golf courses are notorious for being the playground of big businessmen (in every sense) and for guzzling up huge amounts of water, in some countries, such as Spain, they are unpopular for depriving local communities of the vital resource just to help some fatcat’s handicap.

Of course, the suspicion here is that it will be seen in a very negative light by the World Bank and IMF, whose mandarins will now have to find something else to do with their spare time.


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