Lieberman’s new friends

Joe Lieberman seems to have confirmed suspicions that he was not all Democrat since losing the Connecticut primary.

Not only has he broken his promise to endorse Democratic candidates standing for Congress in Connecticut by declaring himself a “non-combatant” but he has started campaigning with Republicans and has hired Republican pollster Neil “Democrat Slayer” Newshouse who is also working for Republican Congressional candidates. It is assumed that they will be sharing data.

Polls show that most of Lieberman’s support is from Republican voters, so he seems to have decided to try to beat Democratic nominee Ned Lamont by maximising Republican turnout.

In doing so, he will threaten the Democrats’ chances of taking the House – they need to gain 16 seats, and 3 of the most vulnerable Republicans are in Connecticut. A high Republican turnout for Lieberman could tip the balance in those districts.

Lieberman’s latest tactic is to deploy supporters dressed as Arabs to stand by roads with signs backing Lamont – a new low even by the dubious standards of Republican (sorry, independent!) campaigning.


2 Responses to Lieberman’s new friends

  1. Al says:

    To be fair to Lieberman (not often anyone will hear me say that) he didn’t actually campaign with the Republican House candidates; he attended a ceremony to mark the anniversary of a decision to not close some Naval base (the two GOP Reps he was with were important in stopping the closure, as was he), which isn’t quite the same thing. Ditto him no longer campaigning for the Democratic candidates in the three marginal districts; they all endorsed Lamont after all.

    As for the three districts; Simmons is in the most trouble (it was a safe Democratic seat for decades (it’s a very working class area on the border with Rhode Island) and he should never have won it in the first place; let alone get re-elected twice) and Johnson is the safest (I don’t think she’ll lose actually). Shays nearly lost in 2004, but that was because he (stupidly) chose not to go down the negative ads road against his opponent (who, obviously, went very negative on him) and he might have a better chance at re-election in reality than on paper.

  2. It’s a fair point, but I don’t think anyone can claim that either Lieberman or the GOP Reps weren’t getting some good publicity through the event for campaign purposes.

    As for the Democratic candidates – obviously they have endorsed Lamont, he is now the Democratic nominee, but Lieberman did promise to back them anyway when he announced his run as an independent – a promise he’s now broken.

    The latest on Lieberman’s recruitment of Republicans is here:

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