Labour gets tough with uppity lefties

Us part-timers at The Daily also have proper jobs to go to rather than sitting around blogging all day, and it was with amazement that this writer received a breathless call from an advert selling cokehead (allegedly – ed.) this morning. 

Labour’s conference advert selling is £25k short of target after the powers that be vetoed a trade union for “over the top” advertising and “pointless” use of campaign slogans.  Amazingly, they are so keen to bin the union that the price for everyone else has dropped from £25k to £5k – they really are desperate not to give the unions a voice aren’t they?

But which union campaign could it be that was so tough that the party turned down much needed (clean) cash?


11 Responses to Labour gets tough with uppity lefties

  1. Tim B says:

    My money’s firmly on Amicus. The boycott of Peugeot is probably one of the most doomed campaigns and biggest waste of member subs since errr…Ken Jackson’s support for Britain in Europe.

  2. Adele says:

    Yes, it must be amicus.

  3. Nick says:

    Would they really turn it down though? I’m guessing it would have to be something having a go at the government for the Party to refuse £25k for it.

  4. Adele says:

    It’ll be to do with the boycott of Peugeot and about the Government not doing enough with manufacturing jobs.

  5. Ian G says:

    I can’t believe that would be enough to pull a campaign. ‘Diplomatic’ critisism in internal publications etc. is quite common. It must have been quite savage to be rejected.

  6. I can’t imagine it would be the Amicus (AND T&G!!) campaign on Peeugot – there’s been tougher campaigns than that in the past hasn’t there? Remember the GMB “Where’s the money?” posters….

  7. Nick says:

    I can only think that they might have feared people would think it was xenophobic, but I’d be surprised. I can’t imagine they’d veto an advert on the grounds that the campaign wasn’t going to work!

    I’m surprised they’d veto an ad from Amicus and the T&G, but OTOH I suppose it would have to be one of the Big Four to be willing to spend £25k on an advert in the first place.

  8. Henry G says:

    Yeh, my original point wasn’t that it must be the car boycott, but in fact something as nuts/over the top as that.

  9. Seems like a prudent decision from an organisation £30million in debt.

  10. Adele says:

    Hmm, it may not be peugeout. For them to turn it down it mus be grossly offensive t the Government.

  11. Ian G says:

    One union hack I was talking to said it may have been something by UNISON about creeping privitisation in the NHS.

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