Liberal with the facts

The Daily was intrigued by the revelations that the Lib Dems conspired to hide their Leader’s alcoholism for some years before 2005.

As others have said, it is a personal tragedy, and this correspondent feels the pain of anyone forced to work through a hangover, so we won’t be too hard on Kennedy himself.

But it does raise the question of what other senior Lib Dems said in public compared to what they knew in private.

It now seems that there were plenty of Lib Dem MPs – certainly Menzies Campbell, Matthew Taylor and Andrew Stunell for starters – who knew about it way back in 2004.

And what about the man who wielded the knife, Ed Davey, and his little helper Sarah Teather?

These were people who were campaigning for him to be Prime Minister in 2005. Surely they must be on the record denying it all and lauding Kennedy’s Prime Ministerial potential, only to admit he was unfit to lead the Lib Dems – let alone the nation – only months later?

Like in this bizarre article by Lynne Featherstone, which reads much like she might have been under the influence of considerably more than Kennedy ever was, accusing Blair of making it all up. (Hat-tip to Yellow Peril.)

There must be Labour and Conservative candidates across the land who can cast their minds back to what their Lib Dem opponents were saying only a year ago and might decide to repeat it next time the Lib Dems mention honesty in their lie-ridden Focus leaflets.

Not, of course, that we want to give anyone any ideas. 


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