Inheritance tax postscript

While reading around the Dead Rich People Tax issue after Byers’ bizarre outburst at the weekend, I came across an amazing quote from Grover Norquist, godfather of tax-cutters worldwide and all-round wing-nut. 

During the course of one rant against inheritance tax in the States, he compared it to the holocaust, saying: “The argument that some who played at the politics of hate and envy and class division will say, ‘Yes, well, that’s only 2 percent [who pay the tax]’ or as people get richer 5 percent in the near future of Americans likely to have to pay that tax. I mean, that’s the morality of the Holocaust. ‘Well, it’s only a small percentage,’ you know. ‘I mean, it’s not you, it’s somebody else.'”

Tough views indeed. Wonder whether Byers’ agrees with that?


2 Responses to Inheritance tax postscript

  1. I know that the US doesn’t have a great education system but you’d think they’d teach them the difference between paying some tax and being gassed to death.

  2. a says:

    It’s a pretty cheap shot against Steve Byers. Frankly you ought to be ashamed

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