Tory website of the week

The Daily has just stumbled across Tory MP Alan Duncan’s website and, as we are in the mood to dole out awards this week, we have decided to give it a wider audience.

Particularly entertaining is the picture library, featuring an entire slideshow of portrait photos of Alan Duncan reclining in various soft-focus catalogue model poses. Just how vain does a man have to be to put this on his website?

Slightly more disturbing is the international picture library – is it us, or that a photo of Alan Duncan at the scene of the 9/11 World Trade Centre attack, having his picture snapped like some kind of ghoulish rubbernecker? Why would anyone put that on their website?

On a lighter note, check out his sidling-in-to-shot skills to get in on photos with Ariel Sharon and Hamid Karzai.


3 Responses to Tory website of the week

  1. Andrea says:

    The “picture” gallery is priceless!

    But I always wondered what’s happening in photo 9 of the local gallery.

  2. You’re right, that scene is both puzzling and slightly alarming!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pic 4 of the national gallery is slightly worrying as well!

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