Press release of the week

The Daily is no fan of the Liberal Democrats, but we have to yield to Stephen Pound MP today for the tough views expressed in this riposte to a Lib Dem statement on the threat of agro-terrorism:

“Any responsible politician with concerns such as these would quietly contact the Minister and address the issue seriously and without giving encouragement or ideas to terrorists. The fact that the LibDems have chosen to make a public statement instead proves that they are interested more in political advantage than the defence of the realm.

“To issue a mealy-mouthed caveat that this ‘is not an issue for public panic’ shows that there is a breath of conscience in the Liberal body but tacking it on to the end of an alarmist press release is far too little and far too late.

“To state on the record that ‘agro-terrorism is furthermore a very cost-effective form of causing major disruption with a small amount of a high risk chemical potentially producing an epidemic of nationwide proportions’ is an absolute disgrace and close to treachery. Any terrorist looking for a ‘cost-effective’ tactic now has the blueprint thanks to the irresponsible publicity hounds of the Liberal democrats.

“No doubt they’ll come up with some wingeing hand-wringing excuse but I just hope that they ask themselves the simple question. Has this statement helped our country or those who attack us? The answer is clear to me.

“We’re used to mendacity and duplicity from the Liberal Democrats but giving aid and advice to the enemy is a new low – even for them.”

Hat-tip to Gallery News, the parliamentary email news service.

Steve Pound’s blog – unusually good for an MP – is here.


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