Labour agrees – Bush is crap

Usually, the Daily does not read the Independent.  It is for liberals, we are not.  However, we’re making an exception for today’s – which includes a range of top notch views on John Prescott’s description of the US’ middle east policy as “crap”.

Peter Kilfoyle weighs in with this: “It may not go down well in international diplomacy… but in the Labour Party it will be welcomed as a rare flash of honesty from a senior member of the Government.”  Jim Sheridan doesn’t mess about: “I think he is right.”

But the award for pithiness goes to Ian Davidson, Labour MP for Comedy (East), who says, “I think that John Prescott is to be commended for the quality of his political analysis. His comment on American policy is brief and accurate”.

Over the pond, White House press secretary Tony Snow told reporters, “The president has been called a lot worse and I suspect will be.” Well, there’s a challenge.


One Response to Labour agrees – Bush is crap

  1. Liz says:

    Interesting. Will check back. I have a few choice thoughts on prezza as well

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