Tory councillor: “EU more dangerous than BNP”

Tory councillors signed up the Better Off Out campaign are rushing forward to defend their campaigning alliance with the racist BNP.  Another email reaches the newsroom with a set of convoluted justifications for giving the BNP the oxygen of publicity.

Councillor John Hudson, who is the Tory’s deputy leader of Blaby District Council in the county of Leicestershire has been in touch to tell us that while, “I have absolutely no sympathy for BMP[sic] … I am an Englishman and as such believe in the freedom of the individual”.

Councillor Hudson gets into his stride later in the email when he asks: “Are they [the BNP] any more abhorent than the ultra left wing communists? I think not.” 

We would probably let the victims of the BNP’s racist attacks speak to that, but Cllr Hudson isn’t finished – because he has found a group that are worse than the whole lot: “The BMP[sic] are much less dangerous than the EU”.

Are there any other Tories out there who want to use The Daily as an outlet for bonkers views?  Our staff stand ready and waiting to take your rantings down.

Cllr Hudson


9 Responses to Tory councillor: “EU more dangerous than BNP”

  1. And who would have thought that another Tory councillor would take up our call so promptly?? Cllr Keith Standring writes to say: “Your Stalinist ‘guilt by association’ tactic won’t work. Trying to smear is the classic way of trying to win an argument without actually arguing.”
    All I did was let him know that he was on a supporters’ list with the BNP. Anyone would think it was a touchy subject for him.

  2. Good post, but for the record Blaby is in Leicestershire not Kent.

  3. Very good point Luke – A quick straw poll of the team shows very poor geography GCSE results back in the day – post amended.

  4. I have now gone out to buy a key stage 1 geography book. Apologies to the good people of Kent.

  5. If i sign a petition to save a local swimming pool from closure, for example, and a member of the BNP signs the same petition. Does that mean I support the BNP?

    I think not.

  6. Your analogy is a bad one James.

    If you sign up for an organisation who chose to make a public list of supporters that contains, not just a BNP member, but also their party membership, then you should ask that organisation to withdraw their name and party. If they won’t, then if you are serious about opposing the extreme right, then you will withdraw support.

  7. Matthew says:

    Why do Tories always get on board when it comes to attacking Islamists, wishing to deny them the ‘oxygen of publicity’, but when it comes to the BNP, they all jump up and down to defend these people’s ‘freedom of speech’. Is that not double standards?

  8. Bishop Hill says:

    Why do Tories always get on board when it comes to attacking Islamists, wishing to deny them the ‘oxygen of publicity’

    I thought it was the Labour government that was seeking to do this by banning “hate speech”. (Not that the Tories were any better, mind – IRA and all – but pots, kettle and black all come to mind).

  9. Actually, the criminal offence of “incitement to racial hatred” is covered by Sections 17-29 of the 1986 Public Order Act and it was the 1994 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act that made publication of material that incited racial hatred an arrestable offence – two Acts that were introduced by Conservative Governments.

    Though I would add that inciting racial hatred was first dealt with in the 1976 Race Relations Acts and the subsequent legislation has had cross-party support.

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