Another Tory happy to work alongside BNP

A reply comes from Cllr Derek Tipp of the New Forest. Tipp is one of the Tory councillors who have thier names listed on the Better Off Out supporters’ list, along with a BNP member. However, rather than letting the Freedom Association know that he he would rather not be associated with a racist party, he writes:

To me it does not matter who else supports the Better Off Out campaign, but that its aims are right and I sincerely believe they are. It would be silly to withdraw from a perfectly legitimate campaign simply because another supporter held other views which I did not agree with.

One wonders how many other Tories around the country don’t mind campaigning along side the racist BNP?

Cllr Tipp


3 Responses to Another Tory happy to work alongside BNP

  1. anthropax says:

    Alas, my MP is a member. There’s a list of others on the Wikipedia page if that helps.

  2. Tim B says:

    It’s all very well highlighting Tories signed up to this, but Austin Mitchell still is. Be even-handed.

  3. Nick says:

    Anthropax – write to your MP as a constituent and ask them to remove their name.

    Tim – I think that the blog’s editor made clear in earlier posts that he wasn’t too pleased with Austin being on there and hopes he will remove his name. At the end of the day though, there’s one maverick Labour MP but quite a few Tories.

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