‘Hoonites’ have more fun!

News reaches us that, perhaps, sheds some light on why the seemingly uncharismatic Europe Minister apparently has his own fan club among Labour Students, as recently alleged on the discussion pages of this very blog.

Hoon, it seems, is the Minister responsible for the Government’s “hospitality wine cellar”. Official figures show that this holds tens of thousands of bottles of wine, totalling almost £650,000.

He said that, “the cellar is administered by Government Hospitality, under the guidance of the Government Hospitality Advisory Committee for the Purchase of Wine. Three civil servants assist in the administration of the cellar, among other duties. Ministers do not have access to the cellar; wines from the cellar are supplied to events hosted by Ministers as part of the service offered by Government Hospitality.”

So perhaps that’s the answer – Hoonites have more fun.


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