“Better off Out” loses two Tories following BNP scandal

The right-wing Freedom Association appears to be losing supporters for its Better off out campaign. Since The Daily published revelations that the organisation featured a BNP member on its supporters list and its Campaign Manager’s admission that it would not “discriminate against any legal political party” the campaign no longer lists Bill Cash and John Whittingdale as supporters.

Could this be the first signs of the Freedom Association losing support from the Tories because of its BNP listing?

Still on the list are:

Douglas Carswell MP carswelld@parliament.uk
Philip Hollobone MP hollobonep@parliament.uk
Austin Mitchell MP mitchellav@parliament.uk
Ann Winterton MP wintertona@parliament.uk
Plus MEPs:
Nigel Farage MEP nigel.farage@europarl.europa.eu
Daniel Hannan MEP daniel.hannan@europarl.europa.eu
Roger Helmer MEP roger.helmer@europarl.europa.eu
Ashley Mote MEP ashley.mote@europarl.europa.eu

The BNP member in question has now had his name removed from the front page, and has been shuffled away on to a second, not very visible, page.


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