Sunday papers in review

Today is mainly all about the greatest come-back in football (this season), but apart from that, there’s a few other things going on too…

The Sunday Telegraph outlines new Tory proposals on tax from the Transport policy review commission, headed by randy dawg Steve Norris.  Apparently, they are set to ramp up tax on environmentally damaging travel – big cars, planes and so on – so they can cut tax on NI and VAT.  Didn’t we hear this from the Lib Dems just last week??

The Sunday Times carries an interesting report on the IPPR “selling” access to SPADs and others to corporations.  The fact that the IPPR always has its conference fringe events sponsored by big business speaks volumes.

The Observer has more follow up on the SSP saga over Tommy Sheridan.  Six senior and previously neutral activists have written to the party newspaper to complain about Sheridan’s vow to “destroy” the MSPs and officials who gave evidence against him.  The paper also has an interview with Katrine Trolle, one of the women who gave evidence of affairs at the trial.

The Sunday Mirror reports on a Dispatches programme to be shown tomorrow which will accuse the government of “wasting billions” on PFI deals. 

The Sunday Telegraph reports that ministers want to bring the 90-day detention vote back to Parliament for another vote, although the wording of the report isn’t exactly hard and fast, so it could just be a filler piece.

The Observer reports on a poll which suggests Brits don’t care about ‘food miles’, but the questions asked don’t actually stack that up at all.  When asked if they consider where food has come from, most people say no – but most people don’t understand the concept of ‘food miles’, so its not really a fair comparison.  More interestingly, more than half of people think that the UK should import less food.

As usual, there is nothing worth reading in the Independent.


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