Freedom Association stands by BNP supporter

Just had a reply back from the Freedom Association’s Mark Wallace:

I asked if he had any comment about there being a BNP member on the supporters’ list. He said:

As Better Off Out is a non-partisan campaign, we are not intended to promote or discriminate against any legal political party.

The campaign web site ( features the clear, personally expressed views on the European Union of a whole range of people from a range of different political and party standpoints. The fact that people are on our supporters list together demonstrates simply that they each independently hold the view that the UK would be Better Off Out of the EU, not that they have common cause in any other area of politics.

We would like to see, as Geoff Hoon recently requested, a full and open debate about whether the EU is the correct way forward, and that is what we will continue to work towards.

There you have it from the horse’s mouth. They will not “discriminate against any legal political party…” even the BNP.


7 Responses to Freedom Association stands by BNP supporter

  1. Incredible stuff.

    You’d hope Austin Mitchell might reconsider his position on this list of supporters.

  2. I’ve let his office know and I certainly hope he does. I hope the Tories pull their names too. If they’re serioius about being a moderate party then the certainly will.

  3. Neil Harding says:

    I don’t think we can condemn a campaign JUST because it has some extreme supporters. As it happens I do think this campaign has xenophobic roots, but there are also legitimate concerns about the running of the EU that need to be aired.

    BNP supporters support all sort of campaigns, including quite reasonable campaigns such as nationalising the railways. Sometimes even BNP supporters get it right.

  4. I disagree.
    In my opinion, it is always wrong to make a concious decision to list someone in their capacity as a BNP member on any kind of campaign.

    I’m sure that BNP members do “get it right” on some issues. That’s irrelevant. Anyone who is a serious anti-racist should not, in my opinion, give them a space on campaigns that they are running – especially not listed as a BNP member.

  5. ernie palmer says:

    So if a BNP supporter said they support a campaign somewhere in the country then everybody else who supports that campaign – should stop supporting it?

  6. Ernie, I’ve already addressed this. As I said, it’s not the BNP saying they support BOO. It’s BOO listing BNP members on their supporters list that’s a problem.

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