Tory MPs join BNP member on “Better off out” support list

Five hard-core anti-European Tory MPs have joined together with BNP member Giuseppe De Santis as supporters of the Freedom Association’s anti-European campaign Better off out.

The MPs are Douglas Carswell, Bill Cash, Philip Hollobone, John Whittingdale and Ann Winterton, and they are joined by Labour’s Austin Mitchell MP as well as Tory MEPs Daniel Hannan and Roger Helmer, and UKIP’s Nigel Farage and Independent Ashley Mote. They are listed together with the BNP member, who is clearly identified as a member of the British National Party.

De Santis has been a vocal supporter of the BNP, recently appealing to supporters about Nick Griffin and Mark Collett’s trial for incitement to racial hatred, saying: “if you can,try to support us by writing and talking about this trial in any werbsite [sic] ,blog,publication avaialble, [sic] try to mobilize people to support us…”

The campaign, which was set up by the Freedom Association and launched in mid-July states that, “A whole range of MPs, Lords, MEPs, MSPs and Councillors from across the political spectrum have pledged their support.”

It would seem that for Better off out and the Freedom Association, there are no limits to how far along the political spectrum they’re happy to go.


8 Responses to Tory MPs join BNP member on “Better off out” support list

  1. Tapestry says:

    BNP are a fast growing political party, who gain support by being ostracised by the media. Their support has doubled in the last two years according to council election results.

    The more organiations that ban them merely increases their paranoia and appeal for martyrdom status. The Freedom Association above all cannot exclude BNP. The way to defeat the BNP is to counter their arguments in the open. Trying to ban them and bury them makes their recruitment of support easier.

  2. The point is not whether the BNP should be banned or not, it’s whether mainstream parties should lend them support and credibility by working with them in campaigns. The more people think of them as a “normal” political party, the more accepted they will become and the better they will do in elections.

  3. bananasfk says:

    Good Heavens – an anti european mp signs up on a campaign to say no to europe, and you then class him a racist. While you might dislike what they are (bnp and conservatives). have been, or where there appeal is due to the fact they say the unthinkable and stand for election. Thats something no major party does.

    Its actually quite hard to find a difference between the parties at times, as to the non immigration debates (but its ok to discuss terrorism) its something for them to discuss..

  4. Although I don’t support exit from the EU myself, that’s a perfectly legitimate point of view. I also don’t support the Tories, but they’re a perfectly legitimate party.

    What I don’t support, is people working together with the BNP, who are, in my view, not a legitimate party. I believe that they are racist and that people from mainstream parties shouldn’t work with them.

  5. Ben Thornton says:

    You say that the BNP are not a Legitimate Party, I disagree they are Ligitimate even if you do not agree with them. The IRA were a terrorist organisation and killed thousands of men woman children in mainland UK and Ireland. Now Gerry Adams is an MP with offices in Westminster, he has never taken an oath to the Queen. Would you ban the BNP, then what for the millions of voters who chose a democratic way of protesting against mass imigaration and the destruction of the British way of life, without the population ever being asked. If they are so Racist then put them on the television and let the people decide without left wing TV companies like the BBC constantly smearing them. Can I say that the latest `Ban Remembrance Day parades` will add a few thousand more BNP votes.

  6. The IRA is an illegal organisation, as are the loyalist paramilitary groups. The BNP currently is not, but that does not make them a legitimate political party and we will not accept comments from their members on this blog.

    The BNP is an overtly racist organisation – this is even written in to their constitution. Their members and leaders have been convicted of countless acts of criminality and violence. Their entire ideology is one of hate and the reason they’ve not been allowed to broadcast their views in the past was that they were breaking the law by inciting racial hatred.

    “Mass imigaration [sic]”? Britain is a nation of immigrants, from the Celts through the Saxons to the Normans and beyond. Or do you mean immigration of people with the wrong colour skin?

    As for the Remembrance Day parades, the irony is that they celebrate our victory over Nazis. The BNP would have been fighting on the other side, as their Blackshirt predecessors were inclined, and it is they who stand opposed to the British way of life, not anyone else.

  7. Ben, presumably you got here following the link to this post from the BNP forum.

    The post does not relate to whether the BNP should be banned or not. The point is that even Tories should not be working with scumbags like you.

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