Connecticut Democratic Party boots pro-war Lieberman

A huge shake up has taken place in Connecticut, where former Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate, and three term senator, has been beaten by anti-war candidate, Ned Lamont, for the Democratic nomination for Senate.

The race, which we have featured heavilyover the last few weeks, has seen the little known outsider, chase down and then overtake the incumbent pro-war, pro-Bush Senator. The final result saw Lieberman making up some of the ground that he had lost in the polls, with the contest finishing on 51.8 per cent of the vote, with almost all votes counted.

However, rather than accepting the result, Lieberman has now announced that he will run as an independent. Calling for another chance to win, Lieberman said: “we’ve just finished the first half and the Lamont team is ahead. But in the second half, our team — Team Connecticut — is going to surge forward to victory in November.

The deadline to submit his papers is Wednesday, but it is widely known that Lieberman has been planning his independent candidacy for some weeks as the polls have closed on him. However, he will face a much tougher fight in the November election, as senior Democratic figures are expected to unite around Lamont.

There’s extremely good coverage at the Daily Kos, New York Times editorial (defeat was “revenge of the irate moderates”), as well as Peter Gustavsson, and interesting coverage by Luke Akehurst, who gloriously misunderstands the primary process, believing that the UK system (only a few hundred local paid-up party members get to pick candidates) is less likely to produce “extremists”, than US-style primaries (millions of a party’s registered voters get to pick candidates).


7 Responses to Connecticut Democratic Party boots pro-war Lieberman

  1. Why Connecticut is Happy that Joe Lieberman Lost!

    In full support of those who were smart enough to not support Joe Lieberman…

  2. daraka says:

    Far be it for me to defend Luke Akehurst, who, yes, misunderstands a lot more than primary elections. However, you shouldn’t be so quick to think American-style primaries are democratic. Especially in the absense of serious campaign finance reform, the rediculous beauty-contest nature of American electoral politics simply starts early in the Primaries. Things get even worse in the states in which primaries are “open”, allowing registrants from any party (or none) to chose candidates. This drives politics to the lowest common denominator at the first round, rewards those who can raise the most cash, and doesn’t at all take the behind-the-scenes power players out of the game. It just adds money and special interests into the mix.

    Would you really want to put the Democratic Congressional Caucus up against the PLP in terms of quality, skill or leadership? I think you folks are doing just fine.

  3. Matthew says:

    I think, from my limited knowledge of primaries, that you are right Daraka. I think all progressives have a tendancy to look longingly at other systems and which we could nick all the good bits (for example, the way we all talk about Sweden!!). Having said that, I think there needs to be a halfway house, and what we have right now is not good enough. Labour MPs are not really accountable to the base – local CLPs dont have the legitimacy to remove an MP on their own, and rightly so, but how do we get the imput from the wider movement to ensure that the person we are standing to represent the party is the right person and has the respect of local progressives? It is a very tricky one, but it needs thinking about.

  4. daraka says:

    Well put. I want neither the smokey room nor the horse race…

  5. No – you were right. The spoofster pretending to be me has little understanding of primaries. Indeed, he has little understanding of anything. As in your country, however, stupidity does not stop him from running the ruling group on a large metropolitan council or standing for Parliament. Compared with George Bush, this guy is Albert Einstein.

  6. Hi PseudoLuke. Your blog is funny, but it’s a little creepy that you’re obviously spending a fair amount of time pretending to be RealLuke.

  7. Unulnelluch says:

    Great – very great topic. I will write about it also!

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