Lamont v Lieberman: eve of poll

A new Quinnipiac University poll out today shows Lamont leading Lieberman 51-45 among likely Democratic primary voters. Lamont’s lead is down on the poll released on Sunday but if accurate, it gives Lieberman no time to bounce back with voting tomorrow. Interesting analysis at Daily Kos

British politicos may be interested to hear of Lieberman’s latest leaflet, courtesy of Connecticut Local Politics

He attacks Lamont by comparing him to a chameleon (sounds familiar) and bizarrely compares himself to a mule.

A mule is only half donkey – cue wry jokes from those who don’t see Lieberman as being more than half Democrat. 

Given that Lieberman’s major weak point is an insistence on clinging to an unpopular position, selling yourself to voters on your stubbornness seems a fairly desperate measure.


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