Sunday papers in review

Today’s must read articles to peruse over tea and toast in the garden…

The News of the World (which I get for the sport) has come out fighting after its loss in the Sheridan case.  They publish several pages of vitriol and have even published the minute of the executive meeting where Tommy allegedly admitted being a swinger.  The problem for Sheridan now seems to be not so much a NotW appeal, but a perjury case for those that gave evidence against him.

The Sunday Telegraph leads on rumours that Blair has come back from the States “rejuvenated” and that he wants to stay in office until November 2008.

The Observer reports on bizarre plans from Gordon Brown to expand ID card plans through the use of the biometric data we’d all be providing.  According to the report, “Police could be alerted instantly when a wanted person used a cash machine or supermarket loyalty card. Cars could be fingerprint-activated”.  What will Brown come up with next to make himself look (a) right-wing and (b) a fan of sci-fi films?

The Sunday Times covers yet more appalling behaviour by dysfunctional private school kids, this time in Cornwall.  ASBO the lot of ‘em, we say.

The Daily Mail has a mildly amusing story about emails being replied to all in the Home Office.

As per usual, there is nothing worth reading in the Independent.


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