Lamont opens Connecticut lead two days before polling

The anti-war, people’s choice candidate in the Senate primary election for the state of Connecticut, Ned Lamont, has opened up a sizable lead just two days ahead of primary day, according to a poll by the Journal Enquirer (very annoying pop-up warning on this link).

The poll, released yesterday, put in the field between 1 and 3 of August, shows Lamont has a ten point lead over pro-war, pro-Bush incumbent, Joe Lieberman. The poll found that 53 per cent of Democrats in Connecticut now favour Lamont, versus 43 per cent for Lieberman.

Lamont also comes out as the more liked candidate, with 45 per cent of voters viewing him favourably, and 17 per cent unfavourably, compared to 39 per cent favourable, 36 per cent unfavorable. This implies that, not only is Lamont’s support larger, it is also firmer.

56 per cent of those interviewed said that Lieberman’s support of the war made them less likely to vote for him.


2 Responses to Lamont opens Connecticut lead two days before polling

  1. B4L says:

    In what way, “people’s choice”? Chameleon sounds about right.

  2. He’s standing on a clear anti-war ticket against a pro-war encumbant who never took his own voters seriously. As a result, he has the machine on the ground and a narrow lead in the polls.

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