What happens next in Cuba?

There’s a huge amount of interest in events in Cuba, following the temporary handing over of the Presidency to Fidel’s brother, Raul.

Fidel says, “my condition is stable, but only with time could I speak about the true evolution of my health status.”

This makes the article I read in the New Yorker all the more interesting. It is pretty critical of the Cuban Government, but more interesting than that, is its recognition that the Government has a plan for after Fidel’s death.

I was recently at a meeting where a representative of ICAP – the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples – spoke about exactly that subject. He said that when Fidel dies, people in Cuba will mourn for a time and then they will go back to their live and keep building the revolution.

I have no doubt that Cuba will evolve after Castro’s death. If the embargo is dropped then it will evolve into a country far less scared for its very sovereignty. This seems both the most likely and desirable outcome for Cuba and its people.


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