Swedes show the way on nuclear

Just over twenty-five years ago, the Swedes – the lovely, cuddly, progressive Swedes – voted to abandon nuclear power as soon as feasible. The referendum, then only the third in Sweden’s history, was a vote between “keep it”, “get rid right away” and “get rid of it as and when we can”. The classic fudge position won through, and Sweden still have ten nuclear reactors.Actually, that should be – at the start of this week, they had ten functioning power reactors. For now, they are down to six. After a serious malfunction almost sprayed nuclear gunk into the air, shutting down one station at Oskarshamn in the south east of the country, two reactors were shut down. Now two others have gone offline.

A local expert on nuclear power, a former boss at a nuclear energy company no less, told the Uppsala Nya Tidning paper, “It was pure luck that there was not a meltdown”. Not a vote of confidence.

Because this is all happening in small country in Europe, it is doubtful it will get reported in the papers, but it should be noted by those keen to see the “energy mix” getting more of a radioactive glow following the publication of the Government’s energy review.


2 Responses to Swedes show the way on nuclear

  1. The plant most certainly did not almost “spray nuclear gunk” into the air. For an explanation of the situation — minus the hysteria — click here.


  2. Matthew says:

    Okay Eric, clam yourself down and take some deep breaths. Its not good googling your way around the internet doing the industry’s work for them. This site has a dry sense of the humour and the writer is actually inclined to support nuclear power on a good day.

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