Labour Party NEC results

The Labour Party has just released the NEC election results.

The NEC is (theoretically) the party’s ruling body, and six representatives of Constituency Labour Parties are elected to it every two years. The newly elected members are:

Ann Black
Ellie Reeves
Christine Shawcroft
Peter Wheeler
Peter Willsman
Walter Wolfgang

Exact voting figures are currently unavailable, but the results seem to represent a victory of sorts for the party’s left, with four (up from three last time) of the Grassroots Alliance slate being elected, including the famous Walter Wolfgang. His first heckle at an NEC meeting will be keenly awaited.

The biggest losers seem to be the independents, with the remaining two spaces taken by the leadership-backed Labour First slate and Louise Baldock losing her seat without official backing in the election.  

Many members from across the Party’s spectrum will be glad to see Ann Black re-elected. Whatever you think of her liberal-left politics, she has proven an exceptionally active representative of the party’s grassroots, comprehensively reporting back on meetings of the NEC and the National Policy Forum and consulting on big decisions on advance of them.

Perhaps some the NEC’s new members may consider doing similar?


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