Huhne: Nuclear waste “like the Easter rising”

A surprising press release has just found its way to the top of the pile on our cluttered desk. Emanating from the Lib Dems’ Chris Huhne, it attacked government plans for burying the nuclear waste that powers Britain’s factories and homes.

Chris is worried about how secure the waste will be buried deep underground, and remarked on the occasion of a worthy report into the issue that it was a, “real warning about the dangers and costs of a new generation of nuclear power”.

He goes on to make the point that the waste will have to be stored for a long time and will have to be secured in times when the political situation may not be as calm and stable as it is under this Labour government.

So far, so Lib Dem.

But one of Chris’ references for possible instability is just plain weird – the Easter rising! For start, it is not even in this country anymore, that was the whole point of the Easter rising after all.

Although Chris was quoted in several of the reports on the issue, the sector about the Easter Rising was surprisingly snipped at sub-editor stage.


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