Denial of the week

Today’s Guardian has another article on the continuing question marks over Menzies Campbell’s leadership of the Lib Dems.

It features an unnamed senior Lib Dem denying that Kennedy is considering a comeback, with the following reasoning: “The idea of Charles coming back is a bit strange – can you think of another party leader who has done that?”

Yes, actually, we can.


7 Responses to Denial of the week

  1. media scum says:

    Jo Grimond ?

  2. I linked to Alex Salmond as one example but yes, Grimond did exactly that. Going further back, so did Gladstone. Either the unnamed senior Liberal is outstandingly ignorant of their political history, or they are being deliberately ambiguous. Either is possible!

  3. media scum says:

    sorry to be a pedant, but another leader who made a come back was Harry Pollitt of the old CPGB. He was the Party’s General Secretary up to 1939 but opposed the ‘line’ that the CP sshould not support Britain in the war – a resigning matter , only to return after the german invasion of the USSR when the ‘imperialist’ war became an ‘anti-facist’ war.

  4. What are the odds of Tommy Sheridan making a comeback as SSP leader if he wins his libel action?

    I reckon William Hague might end up being Tory leader again before too long.

    And what about Margaret Beckett coming back as Labour leader?

  5. Excellent pedantry, media scum (if that is your real name), I can definitely say that I would not have mentioned Harry Pollitt without your prompting. Just goes to show that the Liberals really do have no claim to being a historical party of the left.

    As for Tommy Sheridan, no political pundit worth their salt would make any kind of prediction about him at the moment. Anything is possible!

    Hague I would be more sceptical about – he is a classic example of the kind of politician who, like Al Gore, can achieve popularity only when they aren’t the sole focus. He is a fantastic parliamentary performer whatever you think of his politics, but I think you need a certain something different on TV in modern politics. Hague vs Cook will remain, sadly, one of the most tantalising might have beens.

    As for Beckett – good spot that she is the only female Leader of the Party ever. People tend to assume that she was “acting” Leader or equivalent but there is no such position. A candidate for Deputy she certainly remains, but Leader I can’t see – if nothing else then for similar reasons to Hague.

    It’s sad, not least for those of us not blessed with Cameronesque looks (I never thought I would say “blessed” in such a sentence, I admit) but reality is a cruel thing.

  6. media scum says:

    it’s what comes with being an old tankie…………..

  7. I read somewhere (might have been Orwell) that there was a bit of a move to bring back Lloyd George into Government during the Second World War. Now that would have been a hell of a comeback.

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