Those Tories get new ladies on board

The Tory Party’s efforts to be more friendly to The Ladies is in full swing under the guise of Women2win, whose task it is to propel more Tory ladies into winnable seats, thus presenting an image of a modern, inclusive party similar to Blair’s New Labour in 97.

One of those charged with these efforts is MP Bernard Jenkin’s wife Anne, a formidable campaigner, who wrote last year in the Sunday Express, “However you spin it, the situation is dire. We have to face the facts. The Party has lost its appeal to women. It no longer talks about issues which interest women. It speaks in a language that means nothing to women. ”

Perhaps an example of how to talk to women is a charity swimming bash promoted by Anne Jenkin Consultants. On display will not only be politicians and political journalists, but also “Stringfellow Angels and Page 3 girls cheerleading.”

And who says that the Tories don’t know how to speak to ladies.


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