Senior Spanish Socialist attacks “deliberate” civilian casualties in Lebanon

A war of words has broken out in Spain as the Socialist Party’s head of organisation, Jose Blanco, who acts as the official spokesperson for the party, said that Israel’s attacks on Lebanon were seeking “civilian casualties” as a “deliberate objective.

The leading Socialist, who also condemned Hezbollah, said that, “We condemn the disproportionate reply from Israel and its indiscriminate attacks against the Lebanese population.”

He added that, “They are not attacking Hezbollah, they are attacking a whole country and its defenceless inhabitants,” adding that “the civilian deaths have not been collateral damage, they have been a deliberate objective.”

The remarks brought a sharp reply from Israel’s ambassador to Spain, who called for an apology. However, Spain’s Socialist Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, was said to be relaxed about his party’s comments.


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