Fair and balanced

Today’s Guardian takes one of the nastiest turns in British journalism since the notorious Daily Express headline.

Their feature on the Middle East crisis puts up the obligatory Israeli government spokesperson against a representative of the goose-stepping, Sieg-Heiling, Holocaust-denying, Nazi-emulating terrorist sect Hezbollah, recently glorified by George Galloway.

Previous Hezbollah statements to other newspapers include: “If the Jews all gather in Israel, that will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.”

The Guardian, normally the conscience of the UK liberal-left, has now published an article by a fascist.

Not published was the view of the elected Lebanese government, whose country is under attack.

Not published was the view of the elected Palestinian government. (Not that the press have paid much attention to the ongoing Israeli military operations in Palestine since the new and more exciting conflict arose.)

And, of course, there was no room for any view rejecting the military aggression of both this Israeli government and their fascist terrorist opponents and seeking peace and justice for all the peoples of Israel, Palestine and Lebanon.


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