Had enough yet? bankers say yes!

By way of an update on Enough is Enough, the organisation that took out hugely expensive newspaper ads on Friday, I’ve been in email contact with Pete Myers of the gingamyers email fame.

So here’s the story. The ads were £2,500 for the Indy ad, £5,000 for the Guardian and £6,000 for the Times.

Myers says that Enough is Enough doesn’t have a board but are, “just a few friends plus the people [they’ve] gathered along the way so far.”

These friends being bankers!

“We’ve been in and still are in business.  Financial services if you’re really keen to know.  We are prepared to use our money to work for the people and in the defence of creatures and the environment that doesn’t have a voice,” said Myers.

So there you have it. Slightly cooky perhaps, but excluding unions from organised politics seems to be an accidental aside, rather than anything else more sinister.

Although it does still leave one thing slightly unclear that, to be honest, I didn’t have the mental strength to write in my emails. Ross Mitchell writes to us:

A whois query reveals that the site is registered to Restore UK, which has a PO Box in Epsom. The phone number looks dodgy, and the email contact is that of the domain hoster. But it does tell us who created the sight, a company called Hunger Creative. They have the site listed in the clients section of their webpage, but as a site about a record breaking hot air balloon attempt by David Hempleman-Adams. Going through googles cache shows the record was broken in 2004, with very little done to the site after that.

Perhaps we’ll never know. Maybe hot air baloons are a solution to the greenhouse gasses pumped out by aeroplanes??


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