Cracking down on Redwatch

The Guardian reports today that a delegation of MPs will meet today with Home Office ministers to discuss closing down the fascist website Redwatch.

Redwatch is made up of galleries of left-wing and anti-fascist activists and is designed so that right-wing thugs can track them down and attack them. The report in the Guardian mentions the case of Alec McFadden, Chair of Merseyside TUC, who was stabbed in the face by an extreme right-winger.

Previous attempts to shut down the site have failed as it is hosted in the US. However, news has filtered through that a similar Polish site, also hosted in the US, was recently closed down following co-operation between Polish and US authorities.

I write this as someone who has been targetted by Redwatch. My photo was taken from another website and displayed on there together with my name. In many ways I was lucky, I doubt anyone could actually identify me from a photo taken ten years ago at a fancy dress party. Many other people have had their home addresses and telephone numbers published. Nevertheless, I and my family, have been on their disgusting website. To make matters worse, the gallery was linked to by Richard North, a right-wing blogger, who, though of fairly extreme opinions, ought to have known better.

The news of this co-operation is welcome indeed. While I generally believe that people should have the right to upset, insult and riducule people on the internet, once threats to people’s safety become real it is a whole different ball game. The aim of the site is not just to inflict injury on those the extreme-right despise, but also to cause them the terror that they, or their loved ones, could be attacked. I believe that they should be treated as terrorists, their networks should be investigated and the electronic audit trail should be followed back to those who are responsible for these sites in the UK; they should be tracked down and arrested.

Not until tough action is taken against the extreme-right, in whatever for it takes, will their evil hate-mongering be wiped out of this country and people with links to their site, such as Richard North, will feel too ashamed to be associated.


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